About Living Gift

We are three women who have had a second chance to live thanks to organ donation.
We set up Living Gift to support transplant recipients and their families and friends and
to promote organ donation.

We aim to provide group support through social events organised throughout the year
These events will provide information from guest speakers who specialise in all areas
relating to transplantation and provide a general social group for people to get to know
one another, relax and hopefully have some fun along the way.

Living Gift was Co Founded by :

  • Margaret McCann and Denise Cummins

Our team also includes Sandra Willoughby and Helena Buckley.
Find out more about us on the organisers page.

We are an umbrella group for all transplant recipients and as time goes on we are opening up new ventures and new ideas to promote the group and to show there is plenty of life after transplant.
We will continue to hold events and donate to different charities on behalf of Living Gift

We are constantly looking for ideas so please share yours with us.
Use the feedback at the left of the page.

We are on hand to answer any queries, and you can contact us at margaret@livinggift.ie or phone us at 01 2856809. For latest updates visit our blog page, and you can also subscribe to our feeds to keep you informed of all our news and events.

Donor Remembrance Mass 2010

Photograph courtesy of Stephen McCann

Thoughts of my Donor

I feel I know you, but I don’t even know your name. We share a connection your heart is beating inside me, I call it my new heart.
It beats with such strength I benefit each day and grow stronger; I could take on the world with my new heart.
I think of you and wonder what you were like when you were here.
I was 3 years on the list, I didn’t want to die and leave my family.
I had days to live when the call came.
Oh the relief when the surgeon said, it’s a match.
I wasn’t afraid, this was my chance. This heart was meant for me.
When I woke, I could breathe with ease. I was aware of the vibrant beating inside my chest. I couldn’t stop smiling but my joy was tinged with sadness when I thought of you and your family’s sorrow and I cried.
There is no heartache like the loss of a child I know this only too well.
It was hard to find a heart that was a match for me, and then your family donated and saved me. It was a miracle. I will always be grateful.
Rest easy my dear young friend you will always have a special place in my new heart.

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