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Q: How many transplants are carried out in Ireland each year?

A proud record despite recent decline in organ donations

Ireland has one of the highest rates of organ donation per capita in the world. Hopefully, the decline in donations in 2010 is not a trend, and that 2011 will continue to see a rise in organ donation and transplantation, as has been evident in the first months of this year.
There are forty donating hospitals and three transplant centres in Ireland, which are:

  • St.Vincent’s Hospital – liver
  • The Mater Hospital – heart and lung
  • Beaumont Hospital – kidney and pancreas

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    2010 has seen the worst decline in organ donation in Ireland on record.

    There were 58 deceased donors and 23 living kidney donors. Of the organs received from deceased donors – 98 kidneys were transplanted; 38 liver transplants; 3 heart transplants, 4 lung transplants and 8 pancreas. 23 living donor kidney transplants took place during 2010, 5 more than in 2009. The number of patients on dialysis at the end of 2010 was 1,780 in comparison with 1,679 in December 2009.

    2009 was a record year for donations and kidney transplants

    There were 270 organs obtained from 90 individuals, an increase of 21% on the previous year.
    Of the organs offered, 172 were used for kidney transplants, 68 for liver transplants, 17 for heart transplants and 13 for lung transplants.

    The number of kidney transplants increased by 11% and there were 18 living-donor kidney transplants performed during the year.

    In 2008, the Mater Hospital conducted 4 heart transplant operations (three less than in 2007).

    4 lung transplants took place at the Mater Hospital last year, the same amount as in 2007. A further 6 lung transplants were conducted in the UK on behalf of Irish patients in 2008. St. Vincent’s University Hospital conducted 58 liver transplants in 2008 and has maintained a very high level of transplantation in recent years (182 in the past three years).

    In 2008, there were 136 deceased donor kidney transplants performed at Beaumont Hospital and a record 12 of these transplants also included simultaneous transplant of a pancreas. Ten extra kidney transplants were conducted via living donors making an overall total of 146 kidney transplants in Ireland in 2008, the same amount as in 2006 and 2007.

    In 2007, the following number of transplants took place:

    59 liver transplants: 4 lung transplants: 7 heart transplants: 146 kidney transplants (5 of which were via living donors): 5 pancreas transplants

    In 2007, St. Vincent’s Hospital carried out its 500th liver transplant.


    In 2006, the Mater Hospital performed its first double lung transplant and one year later, the first Cystic Fibrosis lung transplant was performed there.


    There are currently 650 patients awaiting transplantation in Ireland.

    One donor can potentially help nine other people

    In recent years there was on average 80 donations in Ireland a year resulting in approximately 250 transplants being performed.
    All organ donations in Ireland are coordinated through the Irish Organ Procurement Office at Beaumont Hospital. Strict ethical guidelines protect the interests of organ donors, their families and transplant recipients, and anonymity is maintained regarding the identity of the donor and recipients.

    If you wish to become an organ donor after your death
    you should inform your next-of-kin of your intentions.

    In Ireland, consent is never presumed, even if a donor card has been signed. Your next-of-kin
    would always be consulted and asked for consent in order for donation to proceed.
    The majority of the world’s religions support organ donation.

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