Friday 11th Feb: Dead Public Seminar

Dead Public Seminar, in the context of Liminality (Ciara Mc Mahon)
Fri, 11 February 2011

NCAD Gallery 11.00 – 13.00 h
Free to the Public

‘I was made “other” there in that space with them.
In that space in the margins, that lived-in segregated world of my past and present, I was not “other”.
They did not meet me there in that space. [...]
They say that the discourse on marginality, on difference has moved beyond a discussion of us and them.
They do not speak of how this movement has taken space.
This is a response from the radical space of my marginality.
It is a space of resistance.
It is a space I choose.’

hooks, bell (1990) ‘marginality as a site of resistance’ in Ferguson, Gever, Min-ha, West (eds.) Out There. Marginalisation and Contemporary Cultures, New York: The Museum of Contemporary Art & Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, pp. 341 – 343.

In connection with Ciara McMahon’s project in NCAD Gallery, and in co-operation with Mick Wilson and Edia Connole from the Dead Public GradCAM seminar group, I would like to discuss the concept of liminal space as transformative space. One option to look at in-between space is to perceive it as hybrid, where the borders of home and the world become confused and result in displacement – a space often associated with victimhood. In order to shift that perception and to look at the space of the limen or threshold as a site of intense emotional value, bell hooks’ attached text ‘marginality as a site of resistance’ has been chosen for discussion. To enter a space of resistance can make you understand; and to understand both, margin and centre, makes you powerful.

Silvia Loeffler

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