Responses to the project

Liminality installation shot by Susan Walsh

Eimear Walshe (2nd year sculpture student at NCAD) and Sinead Sweeney today intervened in the discursive area of the project. I invited them to respond in some shape or form to the projects subject matter. Their responses were startling:

Eimear started the ball rolling with ‘Homesickness’ (2011) a mixed media installation.

'Homesickness' (2011), Eimear Walshe, mixed media installation: plinths, Mac book pros

This work understands transplant, in terms of uprooting and migration, the removal of a living thing from its environment and implanting it into another living, moving environment. Not fully belonging to one or the other, it is positioned with one foot on either side of a wall. The video attempts to transmit this through the position of its subject, being in both places, at home and in the gallery, but also being in neither place, the internet. It demonstrates Limonality in a play between aura and engagement, being on the cusp of communication, nearly but never fully letting itself go.

Later in the afternoon Sinead performed the haunting ‘Killing Time’ which she described as :

My piece is a performance,where I am reciting my inner thoughts while being in hospital.Although Patients may be lying still in hospital beds,their minds are always working,always wandering to different places.There is a distance,a stiffness,between patients and visitors when in hospital,as patients enter into a deeper inner place of thought and reflection.While reciting,I will be moving through the chairs but only time will tell if I will make it to the 15th chair,to top of the waiting list before my time is up,but I am hopeful,holding out for hope and if no hope,no fear,i hope.

Both were a fantastic response to the projects subject matter, no easy thing to do at short notice. Tomorrow between 2pm and 3pm Jennifer Flannagan (2nd year sculpture, NCAD) will install ‘State’ (2011) a site specific video piece. Jennifer says :

State’ considers the issue of state of mind versus the sate of body. As a space of uncertainty and discomfort the mind confines the body and the state of health which is aided through the donation of the organ, creating an uncomfortable membrane . This internal conflict is considered through the medium of latex in a video piece. Within a latex cylinder, the subject acknowledges this boundary however slowly becomes irritated by it’s presence and slowly begins to overcome it through its destruction.

‘State’ (2011), Jenniger Flanagan, video still.

Do come along if you’re in the vicinity.

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