Screenings yesterday

Transplant (2007) by John Wynne and Tim Wainwright was screened yesterday afternoon. This was followed by I used to say it was gold, but really it’s a platinum one, Platinum (2011) by the Living Gift Transplant Support Group and Ciara McMahon.

It was remarkably weird to be in the space, in a hospital bed while these film shorts were being screened. All that was visible from my side were shadows and vaguely surreal moving colours. The effect was one of over hearing a conversation, an account which I tried simultaneously to listen and avoid. Meanwhile, people outside continued to stare, occasionally banging vigorously on the window to try and catch my already wandering attention. Welcome to the twilight zone.

The endless (and it does seem endless) time is starting to drag. You’ve no idea the relief when someone kindly agrees to take my place, even if it’s only 15min. It feels like heaven to get up and walk away without a second glance. Sheer unadulterated heaven.

My replacement. Photo Tim Hunter

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