Seminars begin

Infinite distraction: the erosion of attention in everyday life

Today saw the first seminar of the project. A gentle start to a full week.

Aislinn O’Donnell opened a dialogue on the thought of Bernard Steigler and Simone Weil in relation to differing forms of attention…. relevant stuff to experiences of education but also to how confinement is potentially experienced. Deep vs Hyper attention. Which is it to be? There’s nothing like withdrawing internet access, limiting the technology of a book to raise the relevance of such questions.

Catherine Barrgary followed with a magic realism performative story gently questioning what it means to be human or rather what we imply by calling ourselves human. As a proud dog owner (is it possible to own another species?) I’m aware my dog can urinate in public broad daylight without fear of incrimination …. Humans don’t (usually) …. but humans are animals aren’t they?

Is it possible to escape a narrow definition defined by genetics, history and culture?

Photo by Susan Walsh

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